Writing to channel 4

Just to see of they are in principle interested in a programme that documents our families journey. I feel our fundraising efforts, In particular my intended cycle marathon to holland with my 5 year old son would make great TV.
Do you think this is a programme idea?
I’d be interested to hear any thoughts or advice you might be able to share

Thanks for all your support lovely global family x


First post to document our families cancer journey.

My dad (Graham Huntley / Goli bean) has prostate cancer, type T3 B.

He has decided to say No to Western treatment options, more specifically Hormone therapy, and radiation.
We are currently fundraising £43,000 for his proposed treatment at the Gorter Clinic in Cologne, GERMANY:

Here is an outline of the journey thus far. Please feel free to follow, i will update this site weekly.

I think I mentioned the NHS provide hormone treatment and then radiotherapy on ‘the story’ part. And we’ve done a huge amount of research in order to not accept those protocols.

In a nutshell,they are out-of-date,barbaric and provide slim chances of cure let alone improved quality of life.

The problem is,there are so many reasons why the NHS route is limited and barbaric. Most people get that we now live in a society where what’s available publicly versus what can be paid for privately are vastly different. But the fearmongering generated by Big Pharma and scaled out (unwittingly?) by doctors working for Institutions like the NHS is terrible.

At this stage we have a clear objective and we are just limited on time and finances.

The most important thing has been to reach out to family and friends and provide awareness and a support platform.

The next thing is to provide regular updates to all that have supported and taken an interest and to share the journey. Blogs and documentaries have been discussed as well as more involved fundraisers but it’s funny how trying to juggle ‘life’ too,restricts things,particularly now.

I would certainly be grateful for any input be that with knowledge, finance or just supportive thoughts…

Some further facts for you though: After Gol’s initial diagnosis with Stage 3b prostate cancer showing evidence the cancer had begun to move beyond the prostate gland,stats have been steadily improving. His PSA,the main test for PC, has incrementally come down from 35 in February,to 32,then 27 and most recently, 22.9. 

 7 would be considered normal for a 73 year old man.

He has requested alternative treatments on the NHS and been rebuffed. Hi-frequency Ultrasound would be good but they’re looking for government funding so don’t want statistics muddied by someone who’s not Stage 1 or Stage 2.

He has undertaken disciplined dietary changes and is now pretty much vegan. He has gone from an unhealthy 17 stone to 14 stone and is exercising regularly. He has regular Infrared treatment at home in his bedroom and eats amongst other things,30 apricot kernels/day. Since a month ago,he now also has mistletoe injections 3 times/week. Again,mistletoe injections are given to 80% of cancer patients throughout Europe. But the UK and the US for some reason don’t.

There are so many good sources for further reading and watching but one that has been particularly good is The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bollinger. His series is well worth checking out,though long. It provides insights,information and suggestions that have been part of the bedrock of Dad’s alternative therapy so far.

The fund-raising is for a course of localised and full body hyperthermia,followed by dendritic cell therapy-min 3 cultures.This is currently only available in Germany. Check out dendritic cell therapy. It makes sense but it still costs. Essentially blood is taken,the NK cells as part of the white blood cell Immune response are ‘upped” in the lab.

Then,applied hyperthermia (heat) on the body acts in several ways. 1. Cancer cells start to necrose at 42 degrees. 2. The body goes into fever;the natural response to serious ill health and puts the immune system on high alert. 3. The cultured (expensive) NK cells are like the army to the Immune system’s (sluggish) policemen;they provide more firepower and sharper sights on the cancer cells that are normally cloaked and undetected.

This process would occur over 6 weeks,ideally starting mid-October. Dad will continue as he has been so diligently but this should hopefully consolidate the progress he’s making. He’s got plenty of fight still in him.

Please pass on to anyone you can think of that may be amused,interested or supportive of this old bugger who’s not quite ready to be sent packing!

Just giving site for donations is ;
Thank you a million for your generosity both in time and finance.


A Huntley daughter xxxxxxx