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Dads Latest reading….

Here is the book my dad is currently reading (or absorbing if you watch how fast he reads!!)


If you feel you are in a position to donate to his treatment fund please click here:

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Cancer cancer everywhere…

Saw dad today after his second course of hyperthermia in Cologne.

So nice to see him and talk and smile and give him hugs, but somehiw he seemed so tired, exhausted….

I wish we had a test, a litmus easy non harmful test that would provide us with extra encouragement for this treatment path.. 

Today stroking my dog and feeling a lump made me on edge wondering if we are all.just waiting in the wings.

So scary 
So tomorrow I will chant as I have done since diagnosis for a full cancer free diagnosis by June 2017.


Last week to JUST GIVE!!  please help!

Graham Huntley, (my dad) was diagnosed with prostate cancer several months ago.  We as children have gone through mum and dad’s address book and are sending a link (please see below) to JustGiving. Just click on the link below.

Crowdfunding For Good From JustGiving

With JustGiving Crowdfunding, anyone can raise money to fund their own project. If it benefits a friend in need, or a local or overseas community

We have set this up to raise awareness and funds for dad’s treatment in Germany.

We are hoping to raise £43000 to fund Graham’s vital cancer treatment to rid himself of cancer.

YOU can help save this mans life by donating to our JustGiving page. He is an avid reader of Chris Beat Cancer blog:

And like Chris aims to heal himself without cancer causing radiation.

If ypu can’t donate please Kindly forward this blog post onto anyone of your friends who might be able to help.

Graham was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Stage 3b several months ago. He doesn’t trust western radiation treatment as a viable method, and instead after much research, now chooses localised and full body hyperthermia combined with dendritic cell therapy.  This is currently available in Germany at the Gorter clinic.


Some further facts for you though:  After Graham’s initial diagnosis with Stage 3b prostate cancer showing evidence the cancer had begun to move beyond the prostate gland, stats have been steadily improving. His PSA; (prostate cancer test) has incrementally come down from 35 in February, to 32, then 27 and most recently, 22. It is going down in the right direction.

He has requested alternative treatments on the NHS and been rebuffed. Hi-frequency Ultrasound would be good but the NHS are looking for government funding so don’t want statistics muddied by someone who’s not Stage 1 or Stage 2.

He has undertaken disciplined dietary changes and is now pretty much vegan. He has gone from an unhealthy 17 stone to 12.5 stone and is exercising regularly. He has regular Infrared treatment at home in his bedroom and eats amongst other things, 30 apricot kernels a day. For the last few months, he has mistletoe injections 3 times a week. Again, mistletoe injections are given to 80% of cancer patients throughout Europe. But the UK and the US for some reason don’t offer this yet.


The fund-raising is for a course of localised and full body hyperthermia, followed by dendritic cell therapy-min 3 cultures.  Essentially blood is taken, the NK cells as part of the white blood cell Immune response are ”upped” in the lab.

Then, applied hyperthermia (heat) on the body acts in several ways. 1. Cancer cells start to necrose at 42 degrees. 2. The body goes into fever; the natural response to serious ill health and puts the immune system on high alert. 3. The cultured (expensive) NK cells are like the army to the Immune system’s (sluggish) policemen; they provide more firepower and sharper sights on the cancer cells that are normally cloaked and undetected.

This whole process would occur over 6 weeks, ideally starting early December. Dad will continue as he has been so diligently but this should hopefully consolidate the progress he’s already making.

If any one wishes to contact Graham also known as aka (Goli, Charlie, Gray, Vava…!) 

Please contact me or comment 🙂

Please help these young souls experience as many memories with their Vava as possible, and donate. THIS legend is not ready to pass…
We need you kind generosity now.
Peace and love x
Daughter / newly qualified cancer geek 



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I have T3B Prostate Cancer with a Gleason score of 9/10 and that worrying word aggressive being bandied around. On Diagnosis in
Feb 2016 I totally changed to a vegan diet-took up trampolining-eat my bitter almonds-poured in 20000 units D3 and 200 of hyperbolicVit C
+ loads of Vitamins with with Pancreatic Enzymes starting next week. Refusing radiation/bone scan/Cat scan. One visit to Gorter clinic in Cologne for Mistletoe Therapy. My latest PSA is down from 34.1 in Feb 2016 to 24.2 now. so hopefully I am doing something right.
See my Daughters site more more details of what i need –
Best wishes
in the at present sunny UK


What can you offer for our charity auction? New my mini auction for dad’s treatment coming soon…

I have just subscribed to my mini auction, a great website where people can offer raffle style prizes for people to bid on throughout the year…

Any lovely supporters of my dad’s cause, please have a think if you can offer your skill or trade as a prize for people to bid on….

I will be offering an entire weekend of childcare, and also a decluttering service for.those who want a hand having a life sort (i love it)….

So if you have any ideas of what you can offer,

An hour of your trade and afternoon with you, or a favourite item that is no longer important in your life….
Dad has now lost 4 stone and is wearing my mums drainpipe jeans 🙂

He has a new 6 week enzyme diet being prepared by Philip Weeks to once again shock the system and be one step ahead of the determined cancer cells.

He seems to have more energy than ever and is being a hugely supportive grandad to my crazy kids….

All the while his PSA drops possibly proving that he is winning, which I firmly believe he is.
In the meantime I continue the search to find a specialised yoga for cancer session for him to get his teeth into, and he regularly bounces on the trampoline which is supposed to be the best ever for Prostate Cancer.
Keep the strong positive vibes a coming, the road is long and this endurance mission is helped by both  your energetic and of financial generosity. 
Love and light, 

Dudes and fam 


Writing to channel 4

Just to see of they are in principle interested in a programme that documents our families journey. I feel our fundraising efforts, In particular my intended cycle marathon to holland with my 5 year old son would make great TV.
Do you think this is a programme idea?
I’d be interested to hear any thoughts or advice you might be able to share

Thanks for all your support lovely global family x