How long before this is available on ‘our’ NHS

In Stage 1 you all raised £7800 which was spent on 12 Hyperthermia Treatments

in medicolonia in Cologne the last one being on 14th Jan.

Graham feels a lot better and with a PSA down from 39 at start to 22 now  he has

almost achieved the 50% reduction in PSA which led to Charles Brenton Huggins

1966 Nobel Prize “for his discoveries concerning hormonal  treatment of prostatic cancer”.

He is keen to continue with another course of Hyperthermia ideally with the addition

of Dendritic Cell Therapy  with which the Gorter Protocol has had great success over

the last 10 years & which surely will come to the NHS one day…

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Dads Latest reading….

Here is the book my dad is currently reading (or absorbing if you watch how fast he reads!!)


If you feel you are in a position to donate to his treatment fund please click here:


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Cancer cancer everywhere…

Saw dad today after his second course of hyperthermia in Cologne.

So nice to see him and talk and smile and give him hugs, but somehiw he seemed so tired, exhausted….

I wish we had a test, a litmus easy non harmful test that would provide us with extra encouragement for this treatment path.. 

Today stroking my dog and feeling a lump made me on edge wondering if we are all.just waiting in the wings.

So scary 
So tomorrow I will chant as I have done since diagnosis for a full cancer free diagnosis by June 2017.