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I have T3B Prostate Cancer with a Gleason score of 9/10 and that worrying word aggressive being bandied around. On Diagnosis in
Feb 2016 I totally changed to a vegan diet-took up trampolining-eat my bitter almonds-poured in 20000 units D3 and 200 of hyperbolicVit C
+ loads of Vitamins with with Pancreatic Enzymes starting next week. Refusing radiation/bone scan/Cat scan. One visit to Gorter clinic in Cologne for Mistletoe Therapy. My latest PSA is down from 34.1 in Feb 2016 to 24.2 now. so hopefully I am doing something right.
See my Daughters site more more details of what i need –
Best wishes
in the at present sunny UK


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  1. colin humphrey says:

    I was diagnosed with T3B prostate cancer , Gleason score of 8. I fail to see why you have taken this route. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and now after 3 years of hormone together with radiation therapy for 6 weeks I have a PSA of 0.07 and was discharged from care 18 months ago and monitored with a 6 monthly PSA test. I am aware there are other treatments not readily available on the NHS but I do not see you as a special case with regard to resulting to crowd funding for your treatment !


      • colin humphrey says:

        Yes cancer free to possible next time, my ex wife had breast cancer 6 years ago and was eradicated. The lymphoma was diagnosed this month and apparently totally unrelated. My father had bell cancer at 40 and died of prostate cancer 20 years later back in 1982.

        My treatment regarding radiotherapy was fine, no problems, the hormone therapy made me put on weight and grow man boobs and the constant hot flushes for 3 years really got up my nose. I found it all pretty tiring and only now feeling more like myself, ! am 65 years old now ! Best of luck to you me I have another Prostate Cancer UK donation to make !


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