What can you offer for our charity auction? New my mini auction for dad’s treatment coming soon…

I have just subscribed to my mini auction, a great website where people can offer raffle style prizes for people to bid on throughout the year…

Any lovely supporters of my dad’s cause, please have a think if you can offer your skill or trade as a prize for people to bid on….

I will be offering an entire weekend of childcare, and also a decluttering service for.those who want a hand having a life sort (i love it)….

So if you have any ideas of what you can offer,

An hour of your trade and afternoon with you, or a favourite item that is no longer important in your life….
Dad has now lost 4 stone and is wearing my mums drainpipe jeans 🙂

He has a new 6 week enzyme diet being prepared by Philip Weeks to once again shock the system and be one step ahead of the determined cancer cells.

He seems to have more energy than ever and is being a hugely supportive grandad to my crazy kids….

All the while his PSA drops possibly proving that he is winning, which I firmly believe he is.
In the meantime I continue the search to find a specialised yoga for cancer session for him to get his teeth into, and he regularly bounces on the trampoline which is supposed to be the best ever for Prostate Cancer.
Keep the strong positive vibes a coming, the road is long and this endurance mission is helped by both  your energetic and of financial generosity. 
Love and light, 

Dudes and fam 


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